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Since inception, we have gained a reputation of high quality service provider in the industry. Our reputation has seen the company grow in strength and take up a strong position in the provision and Installation of elevators and escalators over the last 18 years. Our markets are within and across the Kenyan boarders with installations in Arusha and Dar-el salaam in Tanzania.

Our determination to excel has seen as partner with one of Asia’s largest lift manufacturer Brilliant Elevators Company of China since 2007, which is a leading brand in Asia and southern American Markets. We are the Sole distributors of Brilliant Elevators in East Africa. We offer a wide range of solutions for your vertical and horizontal travel needs ie; Lifts and Escalators in a variety which suits your current and future requirements (range includes; Passenger lifts; closed cabin, Scenic & Panoramic lifts, Stair lifts, Bed lifts, Goods lifts, Escalators, Passenger Conveyors / Auto walks etc) .

Some of the most important steps in acquiring the right equipment are always the provision of the right infrastructure through guidance and we are always available to offer this invaluable advice to our clients to make the right choices throughout the construction phase for free. The Company is professionally run by a dedicated Management team, well trained, qualified and experienced engineers as well as an Administration staff ensuring that the whole value chain to meeting our customers’ expectations are fulfilled and exceeded.

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