We at Elevonic Lifts deal with specifics. We fully understand that one of your needs is reliability of both the equipment and the service you receive. Our fully trained service technicians deliver this commitment by following a programmed maintenance schedule. Designed for each type of equipment and usage, this promotes safe, reliable and efficient operation.

We realize the importance of anticipating and responding to customer needs and demands. We are concerned not only with the speed of our response but also the quality of the initiative taken to satisfy customers. Whether an emergency breakdown or a customer enquiry.

We provide a comprehensive range of quality service options. Standards of safety and quality are assured in a process that seeks to minimize disruption. All maintenance systems comply to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Our range of Maintenance Service products available are:
  • Comprehensive Service Contract – Comprehensive preventative maintenance, planned repairs, committed response time, annual safety and quality audit, including Remote Elevator Monitoring.
  • Standard Control Contract – preventative maintenance (excluding spare parts), committed response time and safety and quality audits every three years.
  • Labour Contract – provision of labour only.
  • Customized contract solutions.
  • Maintenance consulting.

To enforce the very highest safety standards we perform regular Quality Audits which provide an extensive insight into the “health” of a lift.

At Elevonic Lifts we respect that the customer has a choice. Customer needs vary; therefore, it is important to offer a range of Service products. When selecting the most suitable service product for your requirements, we offer a full Consultancy service to meet your needs. In order to recommend the best service solution we will assess your building requirements, lift usage and needs.